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It means a lot to us that you are interested in what’s happening in Yorkshire. This is a community project formed of several villages to reject the building of a sugar beet factory at Allerton.

So what’s this all about?


Al Khaleej Sugar (see more about Al Khaleej here) – a UAE, Cayman based company are proposing a sugar beet factory of epic proportions at Allerton- immediately north of Grade 1 listed Allerton Castle and gardens, north east of the junction of the A1 and A59 Knaresborough to York road.


They want to put in an application in November 2017. We need to raise funds and awareness before this goes in as it is only a short time frame to object.


If the plant is built in the proposed location it will:

  • Cover up to 220 acres (200 football pitches).
  • Include 4 silos, each silo is taller than York Minster and twice the width of its front elevation.
  • Operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, resulting in 3,400 two way lorry trips per day, causing diesel pollution and traffic chaos all along the A59, A168 and as far as the York ring road.
  • Result in a potential sickly sweet smell affecting a wide area with the additional risk of a ‘bad eggs’ smell from poisonous hydrogen sulphide produced by the cleaning process.
  • Affect land that provides habitat for wetland birds, wild flower meadows and nearby otters.
  • Affect the setting of Allerton Castle and nearby conservation areas, having a negative impact on tourism employment.
  • Be highly visible from Sutton Bank, Harrogate District and beyond, spoiling countryside views.

We are not anti-sugar beet

First of all we must make clear we are not Anti Sugar Beet! The group contains many people who are farmers or who work with the farming community – this is after all a rural community and we are proud of that.

However, we are opposing (amongst other concerns) to the proposed location. We are blessed with great traffic links and it seems Al Kaleej Sugar wants some of this – but here’s the problem: This site is not in the centre of the sugar beet growing area.  


Take a look at the map on the right. The proposed location of the factory is marked and it can be clearly seen that it is not centrally located. No sugar beet currently in grown north despite the scoping report indicating that beet supplies will be taken from an area stretching all the way up to north of Newcastle upon Tyne.


So why would you want to build something that is not economically or environmentally viable?


Have a look at the tabs to get a bit more information about this project.


Please be aware, unlike the incinerator this is only in the control of Harrogate Borough Council, who objected to the incinerator. This was only pushed through by North Yorkshire.

Like to make a donation?

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