The Site

Proposed Site Info 

Dubai based Al Khaleej are preparing a planning application for submission to Harrogate District Council, to build a huge sugar beet plant on the A168, immediately north of Grade 1 listed Allerton Castle and gardens, north east of the junction of the A1 and A59 Knaresborough to York road. This site has been produced by the group set up to fight the siting of this abomination in the North Yorkshire countryside by addressing the company proposing to build the site and the Harrogate Borough Council who will be asked to grant the planning permission. 

Currently the land is owned by North Yorkshire and they want to haul off current tenants. 

York Factory

Many people have said ‘but didn’t there use to be a factory in York?’ Yes, but it was closed down because it was not economically viable and because it was in the wrong place. It was also tiny in comparison. The size of this factory is big enough to wipe out all of the 5 British Sugar Plants.

How Big? 

Here are some graphics to give you some idea of the scale of what's being proposed.

The proposed site of the Beet Factory superimposed on the countryside