Al-Khaleej’s new beet sugar factory in Spain passes the environmental impact hurdle

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News from the International Sugar Journal

The Environmental impact study for the planned new beet sugar factory in the Expación Mérida industrial estate was given the green light by the local authority in early December, according to local press reports. This is pending the factory owners address 70 recommendations before final approval.… Login to continue

Supporters Update - January 2018

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Dear Supporter

Thank you for your support of our campaign to prevent the building of a giant sugar beet factory at Allerton Park. Since the last update we have reason to believe that the proposer (Al Khaleej) is not currently pursuing a planning application in the timescale they originally intended. We are hopeful that they have decided to build elsewhere, but we cannot yet consider our campaign to have been successful.

We will continue to monitor the situation and lobby those of influence at every opportunity, and generally do all we can to stop this proposed development. 

We will let you know if anything changes.

Yours sincerely

Paul Gill, Chairman
The Stop The Beet Factory Campaign 

Crimple Valley Campaign Video

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Save our North Yorkshire Countryside - You Need to Act Now

This video has been produced by Pannal resident Steve Philip, and members of the campaign at Crimple Valley have asked that we share this on our website. 

Andrew Jones, MP, Speaks at the 21st October fund-raiser.

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What an amazing effort and how well this was this supported?!! We are all very grateful to the team that pulled this off and to everyone attending. We are just waiting for a total figure to be announced, but know we are massively over the usual £300+ that these events usually raise. 

I think it should give us all a little extra boost of motivation to see just how much support this campaign received from local people, including local farmers and their families.

And, not just from local people - it was wonderful to have such unequivocal support from our two local MP's Andrew Jones (Harrogate) and Nigel Adams (Selby and Ainsty), and from local councillors who have committed to help us in any way they can.

Click HERE to download and see a video of Andrew Jones speaking at the event.

Click HERE to see some photos of the event.

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