Smell etc

Does it Smell?
Yes, it says so in the scoping document. (see useful documents). I’m sure many can also remember the smell in York – that’s what you would be faced with 6 months of the year.
The odour comes from three parts;
  • Storage: The colder the climate the less smell as product deteriorates quicker, The more freezing and unfreezing (british weather) the greater the smell.
  • Processing: when the beet is cooked into a syrup
  • Water Storage: water ponds for storage and waste water - Al Kaleej state they will use state of the art processing to reduce the odour. This is currently being built into a factory in Russia which is not yet processing. This also does not mitigate the odour from the other sources which tend to be more prevalent anyway. Russian climates are colder and more stable at a colder temperature. It only takes a quick google to see how the people in Michigan feel that prompted 800 complaints in 2016.
Have a look at documents from other factories:
800 complaints were generated in Michigan…
There are currently smells being reported from the incinerator. If you can smell that, this will be a lot worse.